Charlotte Trujillo


Email: charlotte.trujillo@southvalleyprep.org

Jamie Munsey

Assistant Principal

Email: jamie.munsey@southvalleyprep.org

Alfred Martinez

Business Manager

From: Questa, NM
BA IN Science and Business Administration
Senior NCO Academy 1979-1995.
Associates of Mechanical/Electrical Engineering.
Level II Professional School Business Official License 2003-Present
Work Experience: 25 years Business Manager/ Accountant
E-mail: al.martinez@southvalleyprep.org

Ramona Blea

Office Manager

E-mail: ramona.blea@southvalleyprep.org

Dana Flores

Social Worker

From : Albuquerque, NM
Degrees : B.A. at UNM, MSW, NMHU
Certified in : School of Social Work, Vocational K-12 Rehabilitation Counselor.
Experience : 19 years experience
Email : dana.flores@southvalleyprep.org