Farm Service Learning

Healthy / Cultural Initiatives @ the Farm

Our school partners with local community farms to embed programming and nutrition that supports the health and wellness of our students. This collaboration provides our students the opportunity to cultivate the earth, plant and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables. By doing this we are able to

  • Feed our students fresh, healthy food
  • Provide land-based physical education through working the farm
  • Provide embedded social/emotional health learning and strategies that promote success
  • Provide opportunities for our students to engage in cultural traditions that we aim to prevent the loss of

This collaboration is having a huge impact on our students. We are seeing positive results in the academic and social and emotional health and well-being of our students. We want to expand this, to more students, to our parents, and throughout the South Valley community.

SVP sends groups of students every few weeks for service-learning to Los Jardines Institute and surrounding farms. The staff at the farms, SVP teachers, and other SVP staff support learning in historical and cultural traditions including acequias, land-based living, organic farming techniques, and nutrition.

At the farm, students work with our partners to prepare the land, plant, and or harvest crops, engage in learning activities regarding watering techniques, cultural foods and traditions, and food and environmental justice. In addition, students participate in mindfulness activities or other physical education activities.


Community Schools Coordinator