The South Valley Prep FoodCorps program gives a chance for students at the school to interact with topics around food justice, environmental justice, and being hands-on in the garden. FoodCorps seeks to introduce kids of all backgrounds to the importance of having access to nourishing foods while also acknowledging the systemic issues that prevent low-income communities of color from having this access.

The FoodCorps programming at South Valley prep includes the service member going into the classroom to give lesson plans on the topics mentioned above. Field trips, taste tests, cafeteria interaction, and utilizing the garden size at the school are also a large part of the program.

As the service member for this year, my goal is to create an environment where students can understand the foundation of why having access to nourishing foods in our community is vital to our futures.

Alexandra Rivas

FoodCorps Service Member

Alex Rivas is the oldest daughter of 5 siblings. She grew up in South Central Los Angeles, went to Gompers Middle School and Health Services Academy. Both her middle and high school were underfunded but that did not mean they lacked richness. Through these schools she learned how to make do with what she's got and developed a rasquache mentality.