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Family Oriented

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Safe Self Expression

Educational Looping

Small Classes

Latent Bilingual

Focus on Reading and Literacy

Unique Curriculum


South Valley Prep is built upon the philosophy that all students can learn.

Our Community School

After over 12 years in operation, South Valley Prep continues to provide school choices for under-served families and students.

  • Transforming the Middle School experience for over 1,000 families over the last 11 years
  • Leading the way in providing equity in education for marginalized families
  • Engaging underserved youth in a relevant and rigorous curriculum
  • Focusing on the health & wellness of every student while meeting or exceeding  state standards
  • Providing resources for families around financial support & food security
  • Virtual out of school time activities

We Provide Access to:

A small, caring learning environment.

We Provide Access to:

Access to a rigorous, research-based curriculum.

We Provide Access to:

Educators who “loop” with their students from one grade level to the next.

We Provide Access to:

Opportunities for parents and students to participate in community service projects.

We Provide Access to:

Weekly family advisory classes to help students develop plans for a successful academic career at SVPS and into high school.

Our Mission

At South Valley Preparatory School, our mission is to provide a small, safe and unique family learning community where students are prepared for high school and beyond.

Our History

South Valley Preparatory School is a state-authorized charter middle school that opened its doors on August 19, 2010. The journey to open South Valley Preparatory School began in 2008 by building on the foundation of the successful middle school academy program at Kit Carson Elementary School. The hard work of the original founders Ms. Carmela Montez, Mrs. Charlotte Alderete-Trujillo, and Mr. Robert. Zachary, Mrs. Tiffany Couvillion, and Mrs. Yvette Jaramillo-Barnwell resulted in the creation of South Valley Preparatory School and providing Albuquerque’s South Valley with a quality educational choice at the middle school level.

Our First Location

South Valley Preparatory School was originally located at 2813 Gun Club Road SW, Albuquerque, New Mexico smack in the middle of the South Valley. After being approved in December of 2009, the new administration had only 6 months to find a location for the new school. As co-founders, we were dedicated to finding a location that would be central to the population and community we wanted to serve. Upon securing the location on Gun Club, served many families from as far south as Isleta Pueblo, as far west to the Pajarito Mesa and as far north as Barelas. Many of our students and families came from the Valley Gardens neighborhood. Each year as we added classes and as the waitlist became longer, we had to be creative with the space we had, adding portables wherever they fit. We were fortunate to be able to expand into our current location at 2551 Karsten Ct SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico in August of 2018. Our Facilities Master Plan outlines  next steps in our school's journey.

May 2008
June 1, 2009
December 11, 2009
August 19, 2010
May 2018
April, 2018
July 1, 2018
October, 2021
April 2022
February 14, 2022

The Vision Began

SVP’s 5 co-founders worked together on a successful middle school pilot program at Kit Carson Elementary School beginning in 2001. In 2008, despite the tremendous academic success of the students that attended the middle school academy, new leadership at APS decided to close the pilot program. At that time, the founders made the decision to apply for a new charter middle school embracing the methods that had been successfully used in the pilot program.

Charter Application

Beginning in January of 2009, every Saturday was dedicated to writing the charter application. All 5 co-founders met to collaborate on the contents to ensure that the application reflected the desire and dream to create a school where every child will be successful despite the obstacles lay before them. Each co-founder brought their own expertise to add to the application whether that was a specific curriculum content, student data, daily operations, or school budget and finance along with all other aspects they knew they needed to open a school. The Charter application was completed and submitted on June 1, 2009.

Charter Approved

Despite being warned that most charter school applications brought before the Public Education Commission are typically not approved the first round, the charter application for South Valley Preparatory School was unanimously approved on December 11, 2009.

Doors Open

South Valley Preparatory School Opens

SVP was scheduled to open on August 19, 2010, however, because the construction updates on the building were still not completed, the opening was pushed back to September. Upon opening, we immediately found we needed more space! Due to a large number of lottery applications in 6th grade, SVP opened with two 6th grade classes, one 7th, and one 8th in its inaugural year which is one more class than originally planned for or anticipated. SVP opened its doors with 92 students and 8 staff members.


South Valley Preparatory School Expansion
By October of 2010, SVP Administration with the help of Service Electric Co, Inc. and Jaynes Corporation was able to secure and install the first double classroom portable on the property. SVP was the fortunate recipient of several donations particularly from Service Electric Co., Inc. to get the first portable installed. In July of 2011, two more double portables were installed to accommodate student growth. SVP remained at this location until May of 2018.

1st 5-year Renewal

A state charter is only granted a charter for 5 years at a time and must complete an intense process to be renewed. SVP was granted its first 5-year renewal for years 2015 through 2020.

SVP Gifted School Building

South Valley Preparatory School Gifted Building
In April of 2018, SVP was invited to the Academy of Trades and Technology Charter High School (ATTHS) to view its inventory. ATTHS would be closing at the end of the 2018 school year and was in search of schools in need of furniture, books, and equipment. While visiting, SVP Admin was invited to meet with ATTHS’ non-profit board. The Friends of Academy of Trades and Technology non-profit board made the decision to search for a school in need of a building. While the non-profit could have kept ownership of the school building and leased it for a profit to a school, they felt strongly that their purpose would now be to gift the building to a school in need. SVP, along with 3 other schools interviewed with the non-profit to share about our schools. In the end, SVP was selected and we were gifted a 22,000 square foot school fully supplied with everything we could dream of. SVP paid the balance of the building loan and is one of only 2 charter schools in the state of New Mexico that owns its own building.

South Valley Prep moving to bigger home


South Valley Preparatory School Moves to New Location

SVP staff, students, and families spent the summer of 2018 moving into our new building. Getting ready and giving other schools in need any extras was the summer priority. Many, many staff members gave up their summertime to ensure that the school would be ready for the Fall. The doors to new building opened in August of 2018.

2nd 5-year Renewal

After another rigorous renewal process, SVP was granted a second renewal for 2020 through 2025.

U.S. News and World Report Best Middle School Award

South Valley Preparatory School Listed on US News & World Report with Best Middle School Award

In October of 2021, SVP was notified that it was being recognized as one of the best middle schools in the state of New Mexico.

South Valley Prep is ranked #23 in New Mexico Middle Schools. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation, and how well they prepare their students for high school.

All Rankings
#23 in New Mexico Middle Schools
#10 in New Mexico Charter Middle Schools

Original Director Retires

Charlotte Alderete-Trujillo Photo

After 30+ years as a New Mexico Educator and just over 13 years as a co-founder and Administrator of South Valley Preparatory School, Charlotte Alderete-Trujillo has retired.

New Director Hired

Moises Padilla Photo

The South Valley Preparatory School Board is pleased to announce the next Executive Director Mr. Moises Padilla. Mr. Padilla comes to SVP with lots of experience in both middle school and high school as well as experience in both charter and traditional district schools. Mr. Padilla was born and raised in the South Valley and is excited to carry on the vision of our school!
Go Aztecs!

Title IX

Title IX

South Valley Preparatory School does not discriminate nor condone discrimination by students, employees, or third parties on the basis of sex or gender identity.  The following contact has been designated as the School’s Title IX Coordinator to handle inquiries regarding complaints relating to a violation of Title IX.     

Dr. Baylor Del Rosario

(505) 515-2514

ARP Grant Application

American Rescue Plan fund application for South Valley Preparatory School. These funds have been distributed by the federal government to support schools through the COVID crisis. The school's plan on the use of these funds is in the application.