Sports and Athletics

South Valley Prep maintains a positive and successful sports program available to all students who are interested in participating. SVP staff and coaches work diligently to ensure that our school can provide sports opportunities for your child. A high level of sportsmanship is both expected and required by not just our SVP players but most importantly by our SVP parents, families, and fans.

All sports are played through the Albuquerque Charter School League.

Fall sports

  • Boys and girls Cross country - September through October
    Practice begins: August

Winter Sports

  • Boys and girls basketball - Season: October through December
    Practice begins: Late September

Spring Sports

  • Coed flag football - Season: February - May
    Practice begins - January
  • Girls Volleyball Season: March - May
    Practice begins - January
  • Coed track and Field Season: March - May
    Practice begins - January
  • Coed Soccer Season: March - May
    Practice begins - January

Championships and runner up finish

  1. Cross Country - Championships: 6
    Runner up: 1
  2. Football - Championships: 3
    Runner up: 1
  3. Girls Basketball- Championships: 1
    Runner up: 2
  4. Boys Basketball- Championships: 2
    Runner up: 1
  5. Girls Volleyball- Championships: 2
    Runner up: 1
  6. Boys track - Championships - 2
  7. Girls Track - Championships - 1

Charles A. Smith Jr

Athletic Director & Educational Assistant Reset Classroom